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Landscape string lights hanging down, the handlebars are hung

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At 17:00 on February 5, when a cyclist was passing through Ligongci Street in Hebei District, the bicycle was hung on the handlebar by a string of lights hanging from a tree, and the woman fell to the ground.
       When the reporter rushed to the Shiji Tianle bus station, the middle-aged woman who fell down had just left. Mr. Wang, who was waiting for the bus, saw the situation at the time. He told reporters that when the middle-aged woman was cycling through Ligongci Street, the hanging string of lights was hung on the handlebar of the bicycle, and the woman fell to the ground. The reporter noticed that there are three landscape string lights hanging from the big trees on the roadside, one of which is close to the sidewalk, and the other two are hanging on the non-motorized vehicle road. The longest one has dropped to the ground. During the reporter's interview, many cyclists passed by the hanging string of lights, and some were tied up with their sleeves.
       "Tianjin City Landscape Lighting Facilities Management Regulations" requires that the construction unit of landscape lighting facilities is responsible for the maintenance of landscape lighting facilities and keep their functions intact. For public welfare landscape lighting facilities, relevant management departments entrust professional technical units to be responsible for daily maintenance. Existing landscape lighting facilities, where the design form is outdated, the facilities are outdated, damaged or the brightness does not meet the standards, the construction unit shall reform, repair or replace within the prescribed time limit. It is hoped that the landscape light management department and construction unit can eliminate safety hazards as soon as possible.
February 6, 2018, from Tonight News.
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